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Dental Implants in Glendale, AZ

At North Canyon Dentistry, Dr. Thomas Mack and his team provide beautiful dental restorations that stand the test of time. Dental implants are often the recommended method of treatment for missing or decayed teeth that require extraction. Because dental implants mimic the structure of natural teeth, they provide the most reliable restorative option.

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How Do Dental Implants Work?

Whether a tooth is lost to trauma or untreatable decay, patients experience side-effects. When the natural tooth root is missing, the jawbone begins to weaken, compromising the integrity of surrounding bone and teeth, as well as and facial aesthetics. The foundation of a dental implant is a titanium post that is secured to the jawbone. This post serves as the new tooth’s root, preventing further deterioration of the jaw while limiting harm to neighboring teeth.

After the post is placed and fully integrated, a cosmetic restoration is affixed to the implant, creating a smile that looks seamless.

Traditional restorations like dental bridges or dentures provide a similar aesthetic benefit to an implant supported crown. However, they do not provide the same jawbone support, which makes a dental implant the recommended long-term solution for missing teeth and overall dental health.

Our Approach to Dental Implants in Glendale, AZ

We customize your implant treatment plan to your health needs desired aesthetic result. As such, no two dental implant treatments are alike. Your comfort is highly important to us; our Glendale dentist is highly qualified to provide dental sedation that helps patients feel at ease during dental implant surgery or preparatory procedures. Though the implant placement procedure is short, we strive to make patients as relaxed as possible, from start to finish. 

Your implant surgery is typically followed by a series of office visits, during which your temporary restoration is placed. As the implant begins to heal and has integrated properly, your permanent crown can be crafted and placed. For patients with multiple missing teeth, a bridge or implant-supported denture is placed.

Ideal candidates for implant placement possess healthy gum tissue and bone volume. Those who do not can benefit from preparatory procedures, such as bone grafting to support implant success.

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Our team looks forward to restoring dental functionality, confidence, and happiness for all patients. To learn more about the dental implant procedure, or to schedule a consultation to see if implants are right for you, contact our office today!

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